Working Hard to Keep Our Beaches Beautiful

We cannot thank our volunteers enough for another incredible International Coastal Cleanup Day!  This year’s cleanup reminded us once again of the importance of our commitment to keeping our beaches beautiful!  Coordinated by as a part of the internationalOcean Conservancy effort, about 2,400 volunteers joined forces on Saturday, September 19th to collect trash from 30 miles of coastline.

We had the opportunity to separate recyclables from the trash we found and we couldn’t be more grateful to the hard work and dedication of everyone who joined us this past weekend.  These volunteers did more than just trash collection – they documented every item from cigarette butt to bottle cap.

Our volunteers walked back with bags so full and heavy, they could hardly carry them.  They would then hydrate, reapply sunscreen and go back out with another bag and a smile.  Each person who joined us knew they were making a difference and their pride in doing so was evident not just to us as the hosts of the cleanup but to Miami Beach Ocean Rescue and many residents and visitors who came up to us to thank us for keeping our beaches beautiful.

Then, if that wasn’t enough, this group of volunteers wanted to make a statement about the kinds of trash found on our beaches.  After talking through some of the items we found, we realized that there was enough articles of clothing to fully dress a person!  We couldn’t believe it.  It goes to show that we need to do more to ensure that trash stays off of our beaches and waterways.

We want to recognize a particular group of volunteers who joined us this year – the Miami Beach Resort and Spa team!  This group recently adopted the 53rd Street Park/Beach and found a great way to do more by joining us for the cleanup.  They were so enthusiastic and willing to work hard for our beaches.  We are truly grateful for having them join us.

Thanks again for doing your part to help us keep our beaches beautiful.  Don’t forget that a portion of all proceeds goes back to skin protection education and beach cleanups like the International Coastal Cleanup Day so keep yourself and our beaches beautiful with MB Miami Beach Suncare!